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Imagine! Studios is the upstate's choice for top quality fine art student photography. We are an award-winning full service photography studio specializing in students of all ages (K-12 through college) and we LOVE high school seniors! All sessions (except college) begin with a parent consultation, and then the fun begins! At Imagine!, our goal is not only to provide the best products and services for these amazing students and their families, but to also form new friendships and to encourage their ongoing development.

In addition to Tiger Band, Imagine! Studios offers a variety of other services to meet almost any photographic need. These services include weddings, families, headshots, pets, industrial & commercial, bands & concerts, parties & events, and sports. Call us today, and let us discover together how Imagine! Studios can create the images you need for your next occasion!

We shoot with Canon digital SLR cameras and lenses exclusively, as we believe Canon produces the highest quality tools and optics on the market today.

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